Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mr Big Tops?

Fizzy, foamy, gummy and gobstopping-ly delightful, Mr Big Tops' sweets by post are cute little boxes that pack a big flavour punch. Stuffed full with nostalgia, the vintage virtual sweet emporium is choca-block with retro cool candy and old fashioned treats.

From refreshers and sherbet dips to gummy bears, mushrooms, liquorice strips, aniseed balls and cola bottles, Mr Big Tops' pick and mix sweets are taste bud-tingling from top to bottom. Perfect for anyone who finds it hard to find the traditional sweets they used to eat as kids, the brand new website invites visitors to pick up a (virtual) scoop and dive in. Shoppers can pick six different types of sweets which will be packed in a fun box and then sent through the post.

What's the shelf life of our sweets?

Once opened, sweets should be consumed within 1 week. Sealed all our products have a minimum of 6 month shelf life.

Who is Mr Big Tops?

Mr Big Tops is a wacky inventor that lived in 1901. He's most famous for his fantastical travelling sweet box invention that can transport those classic sweets we all remember (but are now hard to find!) through time to the present day through the post. Remember all sweets will be filled by Mr Big Tops himself and his helpers!

Can I see the ingredients, nutrition info & use by dates for our sweets?

Yes you can view our ingredients online; hover over the sweet jar and click on the info button. As we go through so many sweets to update the use by would be impossible, rest assured, our sweets have an absolute minimum of 6 months use by dates but many have much longer. We can provide specifics on request.

I can't see my favourite sweets?

We are always on the look out for new sweets to add to our website. Get in touch to let us know what your favourites our - email

How to place an order?

Login or register an account with Mr Big Tops. Once you are happy with your choices add to basket and pay.

I'm allergic to nuts. Do you offer any guaranteed nut-free mixes?

We're afraid not. Our sweets are made in a factory where nuts are present, so we can't promise that any of our sweets are completely nut-free.

Voucher codes

From time to time we offer voucher codes that give reductions on boxes. Some will be for one off purchase and others for subscription purchase, but this will be clearly stated on the offer. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with each other.

Voucher codes are entered during checkout, but make sure you save the code before final payment otherwise it wont work!

Where are my sweets prepared?

The Mr Big Tops factory is based in Bradford, the UK. Each order is picked by hand and by people who are as passionate about sweets as you are. We are pleased to hold a 5* Hygeine rating given by environmental health.

Can I pick the sweets that I want?

This all depends on what you order. Products you can customise will have options that will allow you to edit your selections.

Where do our sweets come from?

At Mr Big Tops, we only work with producers and suppliers that are as passionate about sweets as we are. All oursweets are produced in Europe. We think that your sweet box should have only the very best sweets and we think you can taste the difference.

How do I pick my sweets?

There are over 100 sweets on the website to choose from, many products allow you to customise and pick your own selections! If the product is customisable there will be options to edit your choices.

Where can my order be delivered?

We deliver nationwide in the UK with Royal mail post. Any address that can receive post can receive a Mr Big Tops box.

When will my subscription boxes be delivered?

-Subscription customers – Your boxes will normally be posted a few days after payment has been taken. Payment is taken in accordance to how often you receive your boxes and what date you originally placed the order for your first box. We send all boxes via royal mail standard delivery that takes approximately 3 - 5 working days, plus 3 day handling. Please allow up to 7 working days after payment.

Do I need to be in and sign for my box?

No, Mr Big Tops boxes are letterbox sized, and are delivered with Royal Mail just like your normal post.

How do I cancel my subscription deliveries?

If you have purchased a subscription through our new website (after Jan 2015) you can now cancel and edit your subscriptoions through your account - log in to your account - click subscription and click cancel nect to the subscription you wish to cancel.

Any orders placed on the old site please contact and we will be happy to help

Cut off times for cancelling subscription boxes

You cannot cancel your subscription after 48 hours before a box is due for delivery.

What If I move address? (subscriptions)

If you have purchased a subscription through our new website (after Jan 2015) you can edit your address within your account when you login. We cannot be held responsible if you do not give us prior warning. 

If you set up a subscription before Jan 2015 then please let us know as soon as possible at as we cannot be held responsible if you do not give us prior warning.

Will my subscription boxes fit through the letterbox?

Yes! we've designed our packaging so that your Mr Big Tops box will always be the same size so it should fit through most standard letterboxes.

What happens if there is a postal strike?

There are some acts of nature and the royal mail that we have no control over. We can only deliver when royal maildoes and we will always give you as much notice as possible of any day the Royal Mail cannot deliver.

Can I recycle my subscription box?

Yes! please recycle it. We are proud of our packaging and have designed it to be a sustainable as it can be.